Uwe Wolff is the author of several books, including co-author of the German-language standard work on litigation PR and the first book on disinformation attacks on companies. He publishes regularly in specialist journals and gives lectures on new developments in litigation PR, crisis communication, and disinformation
Intelligence Online
"Uwe Wolff, a star of strategic communication during court proceedings ...."
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F.A.Z. editor Dr. Joachim Jahn
"That they know an unusual amount about their business and have been or are involved in central cases. They also know the weak points of media damn well."
JUVE Rechtsmarkt
"Thus, a legal-media cooperation in the environment of the criminal proceedings on the Balli-Klöckner merger could set a precedent (JUVE 02/04). The German-American lawyer Dr. Christoph Rückel (Bridgehouse Rückel & Bolthausen) succeeded - effectively in the result, but not without controversy in the matter - in teaming up with Uwe Wolff to get the Balli boss, who had previously been imprisoned for months, released."
Thomas Knüwer of Handelsblatt)
"Yes, now I have to praise, contrary to my habit: Yesterday I witnessed a remarkable P.R. performance. And that even on an extremely dry topic. Two professional communicators stood there and distributed neatly prepared folders with everything you need - old articles, timelines, the argumentation of the defendants. Therefore, I would like to praise Uwe Wolff of NAÏMA by name. By the way, his focus should be mentioned here: He concentrates on litigation P.R., or as the Niederrheiner would say: P.R. in litigation. A market niche where I, as a journalist, would say: That indeed belongs occupied."
"It's a gap in the market that Wolff, who sees himself as a pioneer in this country, stepped into in 2002 with the founding of NAÏMA. He focuses on white-collar criminal law, environmental law, and product liability lawsuits. Consumer advocates, unions, and non-governmental organizations are his clients, banks, and insurance companies his "favorite opponents."
Public Relations
"Uwe Wolff can probably call himself a pioneer of this service in Germany."
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