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Highly specialized communications agency with core competency in Litigation PR, crisis- and reputation management, disinformation attacks on businesses.

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"We believe in rapid, heartfelt action for your global litigation, crisis, and reputation needs. Let's protect your story together."
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Litigation PR
We support you and your mandated legal representatives in civil and criminal cases by communicating with the media, stakeholders, shareholders, and case-relevant public groups. While the lawyers represent you in court, we represent you in the court of public opinion. You can rely on our deep experience in strategic legal communications, based on over 100 national and international high-profile cases in which we were involved.
Crisis management
A legal dispute, whether criminal or civil, can turn into a flaming crisis for you and your company, especially if the media is on your case and politicians get involved. We will have your back and support you and your lawyers by drawing attention to the less obvious risks and dangers and helping to minimize the risk potential.
Reputation management
If you or your company is legally attacked and the media reports on it, this is usually accompanied by severe reputational damage. Particularly in the private sphere, when managers are in the public eye, the damage to reputation will reverberate for a long time into the future of the persons concerned. We set out to provide a public counterpoint to the accusations as quickly as possible. In doing so, we neutralize one-sided and damaging reports that can be found on the Internet.
Case intelligence/litigation support
A sound basis of information on the legal opponent benefits not only the pleadings of your legal representatives but also supports our strategic legal communication. We will ensure that information is obtained according to the regulations, it must be reliable, and, above all, it must be usable in court. To this end, we work with experienced forensic experts and criminalists who provide us with the necessary and case-relevant information.

Who we are

NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services is a highly specialized communications agency with core competency in litigation PR. We develop complex communication strategies for companies, NGOs, associations, and their top representatives, as well as for prominent figures in business, politics and entertainment, who are dealing with legal problems

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What we do

Uwe Wolff translates his extensive experience into  publications that offer invaluable guidance for companies, NGOs, associations, and prominent individuals navigating legal complexities.

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From crisis to courtroom, we craft strategic communication plans and media outreach to protect your reputation and support your legal strategy.
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