Uwe Wolff is the author of several books, including co-author of the German-language standard work on litigation PR and the first book on disinformation attacks on companies. He publishes regularly in specialist journals and gives lectures on new developments in litigation PR, crisis communication, and disinformation
Books by
Uwe Wolff

Media Relations for Lawyers: A Handbook for Effective Law Firm PR

A guide for attorneys and law firm managers who want to make themselves known with effective media relations. One of the best-selling books in the law firm marketing segment.

Fending off disinformation attacks on companies - The dark business of Fake News & Co and how to combat them.

The first book on the subject of "Disinformation attacks on companies". After the political sphere, companies are facing a new threat from disinformation attacks. Goals and motives of the perpetrators are manifold, their tools and communication channels are cheap and hyper-effective. Disinformation spreads in a matter of minutes, while companies hardly have the time to defend themselves. Author Uwe Wolff delves into the depths disinformation, examines the tools, talks to experts warning systems and how to combat disinformation attacks under time pressure.

In the Name of the Public - Litigation PR as a Strategic Instrument in Legal Disputes

The first German-language book on litigation, P.R. Nominated for the International Business Book Award and highly praised by reviewers. It is considered as a standard work on litigation P.R.

Management of Law Firms

This handbook offers an in-depth discussion of the essential management topics. Practical contributions by over 60 renowned lawyers from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the U.S.A., and the U.K. The contribution by Uwe Wolff: "Communication in legal disputes.

Litigation PR Websites

Does the public not properly understand your case, and is it being reported on in a one-sided way? Or are essential aspects of your case not being taken into account? In this case, we offer you professional websites specially tailored to your case, which take on the function of a spokesperson for you. We create the content of such a Litigation-PR website in close cooperation with the lawyers you have mandated.

Strategic Publishing

Our team develops strategic publishing campaigns to effectively communicate your message to key audiences, shaping public perception and potentially impacting the outcome of your case.

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