Communication under the sign of the virus

March 8, 2024

The crisis around COVID-19 puts many areas of life and work to the test. Also in the area of professional communication. Especially in Crisis Communication and Litigation PR parameters are shifting, communication patterns have to be rethought. Professional communicators have to readjust and calibrate their sensors. Anyone who used to believe that they knew the location of communicative land mines is now faced with a newly arranged communicative minefield with many unknowns.

In order to continue to be successful as communicators, we rely on the exchange of experience, “best practice” examples and new tools. Since this is a global crisis, we rely above all on the international exchange in our network of the Crisis & Litigation Communicators Alliance (CLCA)

The CLCA is an international alliance of specialist PR firms who are experts in crisis and litigation communications counsel in our respective jurisdictions. We come together when it makes strategic sense to collaborate on cross-border matters and when clients seek the reassurance of excellent and expert partners overseas.

It is our mission to put the circumstances in comparative context with the communications in other countries. While there are still many questionmarks on how the situation will stabilize in the end, we find that already now much can be said about what went wrong and what worked, which tools countries used, and how they shaped their crisis and risk-communication.

NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services and the Crisis & Litigation Communicators Alliance (CLCA) have therefore highlighted the communication and crisis management measures around the COVID 19 crisis, with a special focus on Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Please feel free to download and read our e-brochure.


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